About Us

We are a national Pharmaceutical wholesale distributor. We focus on generics, banded, OTC pharmaceuticals. For many years, we have committed to the independent pharmacies around the country delivering the highest quality care to patients by providing them with affordable generics medicines.

At Intermed, we are committed to serving our customer with integrity and loyalty and invested significantly developing the service offerings and talented personnel to service National Account’s demand. As Intermed Distributors is dedicated to being recognized as a professional pharmaceutical wholesaler committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and compliance. Intermed Distributors has established a Compliance Initiative.

This is a developed method of detect and prevent with regards to violations and or infractions of our conduct as a licensed corporation, applicable laws and regulations. We strive to meet and maintain compliance goals within our Code of Conduct, our corporate structure along with the statutory requirements of the Michigan Public Health Code.

Our National customers maintain their primary relationships with primary drug wholesalers; but they rely on us to help them reduce the costs simultaneously of their daily buys.

We have scaled our operations to fulfilling the demands of independent pharmacies around the country and added “VAS” Value added services to fulfill the demand by various ways such as Online ordering system, E-CSOS, next day delivery, late cut-off time.

We have implemented state of the art technology to be complaint with DSCSA (Drug Supply Chain Security Act) requirements with manufacturers and healthcare providers.

We take the necessary precautions of ensuring that all of our products are FDA approved. In addition, we are up to date and maintain compliance on all notices, all applicable rules and regulations set forth by the FDA and DEA.

Being on Ford Motor Company Land as a distributor in Michigan, allows us to leverage the world’s most sophisticated supply chain hub and nation’s largest transportations workforce to get our products to your facility in less than 24 hours of turnaround time. We deliver to all over the country with a 100% fill rate.

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